Armenia is in a leading place in fatality numbers in the region: concrete actions are required from the government

“Speak up to save lives” titled high-level press conference was launched devoted to the UN Global Road Safety Week.

Meeting in “Transport Program Implementation Organisation”

In frames of “Issues of publicity and public control of road construction” project NRSC representative, Media Expert had a meeting...

The calming measures of to lower the speed limit near the residential areas were discussed

EaP regular National Working Group meeting took place...

Armenia in FIA

FIA has published the Presidents' book 2019, where Armenia is also presented in the face of Poghos Shahinyan.

The new media projects are of great importance

NRSC hosted the Deputy Head of the Mission, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan Jan Plesinger.

″Naked″ assessment does not reflect the reality

343 people died on Armenian roads in 2018: in comparison to 2017 the number of fatalities has increased by 64.

Shall kids be safe in our cars?

The social media has been very active over the topic of whether to install child restraints in cars or no...

Positive results after launching the “Smart crossroad”

The sloping crossroad on the way to Zvartnots airport from Yerevan has already been a “smart crossroad” for several months.

NRSC at EASSTs All Partners Annual Meeting at Minsk

NRSC took part in the annual meeting of EASST meeting this time organized by one of our partners Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club in Minsk.