Press conference. new reforms, strategy and action plan on road safety


“I know, I am wrong…”, say some people in Gyurmi while crossing the streets wrongly

The objective of the observation was to follow the pedestrians’ behavior...

The project of publicity of road construction project expenses is summarized

The training brought together road engineers involved in construction activities of the roads in Gyumri and representatives of local authorities.

The monitoring results of mtic.am and tpio.am were presented


“Speak up to save lives” flashmob in Yerevan

“Speak up to save lives” flash mob took place in Baghramyan Avenue with participation of schoolkids of Yerevan.

Armenia is in a leading place in fatality numbers in the region: concrete actions are required from the government

“Speak up to save lives” titled high-level press conference was launched devoted to the UN Global Road Safety Week.

Meeting in “Transport Program Implementation Organisation”

In frames of “Issues of publicity and public control of road construction” project NRSC representative, Media Expert had a meeting...

The calming measures of to lower the speed limit near the residential areas were discussed

EaP regular National Working Group meeting took place...