Best PR award

Best PR award

“My life is yours” video prepared by NRSC was presented and recognized as the best among different videos nominations. In his speech, the Executive director of NRSC Poghos Shahinyan pointed out the importance of the problem drawing a parallel: “Each year 1.3 million people dies in road accidents — a city like Yerevan is disappeared from the world”.

“My life is yours“ song, written in 2008, and later the video was created to drive the att

ention of society towards Road Safety issue and make the need of wearing seatbelts understandable for public.

Mr. Shahinyan thanked the RA Government for the attention towards the Road safety and called upon all participants to appreciate life we have at least by following road safety simple rules.

It is also worth to mention that number of Armenian leading companies, famous public and political people, businessmen, attended this event.