About us

Our Mission

The National Road Safety Council Armenia (NRSC) is a registered non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established in 2005 by the assistance of FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society aims to campaign for change, influence opinion, contribute to debate, educate and inform — for the good of all road users.

We do believe that the amount of accidents happen is reducible to the smallest percent. To this light, it is our mission and philosophy to endeavor on solutions that will help to modify behavior in effort to enhance the quality of life by preventing fatal and serious injuries. Acting on a non-partisan and non-governmental platform, we support and initiate activities that will have an impact on reducing traffic accidents.

NRSC, Armenia Chapter was founded on the sole principle of making our environment a safer place to live as well as on uniting the organizations and individuals around our mission. We see our nation with safer road environment. We anticipate taking into account the education required to gain knowledge about the complexity of the road traffic. We believe that the improved planning, design and management of the road system shall support a safe road environment.

NRSC promotes cooperation amongst national institutions dealing with road safety. It has not only a consultative status but also works in active cooperation with governmental, as well other international and local bodies concerned with the improvement of road safety. Our membership is open to individuals. Our Members will enjoy all the advantages of being a member including the participation at the overall decision making process within our organization.

You can also help us to achieve our goal and objectives by making your personal contribution to our activities. For additional information, please, contact us at council@roadsafety.am