Road engineers trained in Gyumri

Road engineers trained in Gyumri

In frames of «Safer Cities: Roads and Pedestrian Safety Support for Gyumri» NRSC together with its partner Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) and the program financial supporter — the EBRD implemented training for road engineers in Gyumri in July 3-4. The training brought together road engineers involved in construction activities of the roads in Gyumri and representatives of local authorities.

Before the training the organisers met the Governor of Shirak region Tigran Petrosyan, who highlighted the importance of such kind of initiatives mentioning that in Gyumrri, as well as other cities of the republic the road safety is an urgent issue and after the road reconstruction it can be exacerbated if certain standards are not met.

“We aim at having Gyumri as a touristic center, thus we approach to the issue from this perspective as well. The roads, which are being reconstructed, should be safe not only for traffic but also for pedestrians. We do have intersections, which need serious regulations”, — said the Governor.

The training was accompanied by practical work and site visit observations, in which participants were in one of the problematic crossroads in Gyumri — Njdeh square, with road safety international expert Paul Disney, an international road safety expert, to discuss and address the problem of traffic regulation at this hectic intersection. As a result of discussions it was decided to present a proposal to the stakeholders for the intersection regulation, which will provide safer traffic both for vehicles and for pedestrians.

“I haven’t met such an active group, the participants are concerned about Gyumri streets, they were raising important questions, which enlaregly helped to work effectively”, — said expert Paul Disney.