“I know, I am wrong…”, say some people in Gyurmi while crossing the streets wrongly

“I know, I am wrong…”, say some people in Gyurmi while crossing the streets wrongly

In frames of “Safer Cities: Roads and Pedestrian Safety Support for Gyumri” project a pedestrian behavior survey was carried out on 26 June, in Gyumri with volunteers of KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation.

The objective of the observation was to follow the pedestrians’ behavior in order to have a clear picture of what actions should be implemented to change their behavior.

Before the observation NRSC Programs Manager Tatevik Hohannisyan carried out a workshop with KASA volunteers highlighting the importance of youth involvement in keeping the order in their city and encourage others to behave the same way.

Heavy and hot spot inclined streets were chosen for the observation (Shirakatsi, Sayat-Nova, Shahumyan, square, “bazar place”).

In total 351 pedestrians were observed (56% female, 44% male) among which only 43 pedestrians agreed to take part in the interview. Worth to note that almost 2/3 were women.

The questions to the non-obedient pedestrians were: “Do you feel safe while crossing the street (from a wrong place)?” If answering No ->Why don’t you feel safe?”

35% of the interviewed felt safe, though with the checking question 40% of the “Yes” answered justified their action because of their habit, as well as the fact that “the drivers take into account the age of the pedestrians and give away”.

Interesting finding: out of the rest, who firmly remained in their position to “feel safe”, 80% of them are males.

The ones, who answered “No” to the question: “Do you feel safe while crossing the street (from a wrong place)” are 65% bring more than one reason. Among the most found reasons are:

37% of the ones who feel unsafe bring reason that they “Do not trust drivers”.  25% answers are based on the fact that there is “No traffic light” or “No pedestrian crossing”  that is why they cross the street, another 11% response is that they are “Just used to it”.

Other observation notes!

  • In the city center, where there are crossings, people more or less cross from the right place.
  • Drivers know basic rules, but they do not always follow them.
  • Education/awareness is needed for all ages, as they find it secondary concentrating on the daily troubles.

Important note, that there were several interviews, who confesses: “I realize that I am wrong, but I am attentive/drivers give away/used it…”.

This means that if proper infrastructures are available and public awareness campaigns and education is implemented in the city, we will have a different Gyumri, as Gyumri and people in Gyumri deserve it!

“Safer cities: Gyumri” project is being implemented in partnership with Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport with the financial support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.