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  International publications

Road Safety - Achieving ambitious road safety targets (pdf)
Road Safety- Speed management (pdf)
Road Safety - Young driver risks and effective counter measures (pdf)
Road Safety- Reaching the target of reducing road fatalities (pdf)
The 90th Ministerial Session of the ECMT(pdf)
General Assembly - Resolution on improving global road safety (pdf)
General Assembly - Global road safety crisis (pdf)
Regional road safety program report – Philippines
Make Roads Safe. Report (pdf)
Drinking Age Limits (pdf)
Child Road Safety Achieving the 2010 Target (pdf)
A Review of Evidence Related to Drug Driving in the UK: A Report Submitted to the North Review Team (pdf)
Road Safety in Pakistan (pdf)
Road Safety in France (pdf)
Practical guide on road safety A toolkit for National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societ (pdf)
Road Safety Research Report 108 Contribution of Local Safety Schemes to Casualty Reduction(pdf)
OECD Young Drivers: The Road to Safety (pdf)

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