Dear friend,
Welcome to our web-site. We have made our efforts to make the web-site as much interactive and informative as possible. You can find here answers on your questions, you can have fun while testing your driver skills and of course you can follow the news related to roads and cars in Armenia and outside.  Statistics and interviews, facts and figures are all available here. We are also introducing all our projects activities undertaken in road safety field. 
If you are a driver, you can find here all the regulations and laws related to driving a car in Armenia. You will also be able to get the latest innovations in car industry and developments in car market in Armenia. Information related to the safe driving is available throughout the web-site.
Parents and kids can use information provided in here to make their driving and walking safer, to avoid accidents and traumas. Parents can use material available online to teach their kids the basics of road safety. Kids of all ages will be able to learn the road safety subject while they are in schools or on holiday. You do not know how to use a child seat –just follow the logical links in here.
With the assistance of the Red Cross Armenia we have included the first aid, which could be provided to the victims of road accidents..
I would like to use this opportunity to welcome you once again and thank for your interest in making our roads safer.

P. Shahinyan
Executive Director
NRSC Armenia


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