Road safety becomes trendy in Shirak region as well

About 14 years ago, when National Road Safety Council was making its first steps in road safety campaigns, few people believed that we would reach such results. If previously we were convincing that road safety concerns to all and all should be aware of basic road safety rights and responsibilities, nowadays an opposite process is taking place:

A group of bright young volunteers from KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation decided that from now on they want to be more aware of road safety issues. After some research they contacted us and we provided them with the educational booklets and packs elaborated by us and by our partner and a good friend EASST Foundation. But this is not the whole story. Inspired with the knowledge they got they initiated a training course to share their knowledge with school kids of the Gyumri Academic College.

KASA volunteers – Martha, Mariam and Anna share with us their impressions: “To be honest we could not even expect that we would be able to teach schoolkids (5-6 years younger than us) to something, which had never been taught or spoken about in our city before. The easily elaborated booklets were of great support for us.”

The excitement was doubled when we supported them to have a meeting with the representative of the RA Traffic Police. They walked in Gyumri streets with the policeman and discussed all road traffic signs. The volunteers say: “It was very important for us to meet and talk to a policeman, as we have never had such an opportunity. Thanks NRSC for support.”

And this is not the end. During the last several weeks they made their third “first thing in their lives”: they drew a city plan according to road safety standards.

Bravo to our new generation. We can breathe easily, as the youth takes the initiative in road safety field as well.

And we will continue our mission by working in other areas to make road safety popular there.