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Decree of Prime Minister on establishment of NRSCA (pdf)
The Role of the Secretariat
of the National Road Safety Council of Armenia

The National Road Safety Council of Armenia is an advisory body in the road safety field, which discusses and submits proposals to RA Government about road traffic safety national strategy implementation of the Republic of Armenia and Yerevan city and other issues related to the field.

For effective and operational activities of Council Secretariat, as well as possible practical implementation its functions are reserved to NRSC, which organizes the Council work and coordinates the working groups’ activities. The implementation for these functions leads the Head of Secretariat.  
The functions of the Head of Secretariat are reserved to the Executive director of NRSC Mr. Poghos Shahinyan, based on the provision of free of charge services contract concluded with the NRSC.

Control and coordination over the work of the Secretariat implements the Minister of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Armenia.

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