Discussion on seatbelt enforcement was organized

Discussion on seatbelt enforcement was organized

Discussions on the “Necessity of seatbelt usage and new penalties for administrative violations” brought about by the “Think Before You Drive” campaign organized by the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) NGO, took place on the 17th of May in the NRSC office. (4 Zaroubyan street, apt.11)
The “Think Before You Drive” campaign was created with the financial support of the Civic Development and Partnership Foundation — part of the Civic Advocacy Support Program, funded by USAID through Counterpart International.

The following themes were discussed:
1. “Amendments and additions to the law of the Republic of Armenia on administrative violations” – the law adopted on the 22 February 2007, with specific attention to article 123.3 on the disuse of seat belts.
2. The role and support of NGOs in promoting seatbelt usage.
3. Further cooperation of Traffic Police and NGOs in road safety issues.

Representatives from the Traffic Police, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Taxi Service Association, the representative of “Muran” and “Megna” Company from business sector, the representative of Protection of Consumers Rights NGO, Automobile Federation of Armenia the “Achilles” Society for the Defense of Drivers Rights NGO and the Mass Media representatives from “Arka”, “Novoye Vremya”, “Arminfo” and others were present at the discussion.
As a result of the meeting, the following has been agreed:

Every driver must wear a seatbelt in both an urban and rural environment. The law is to be enforced by the traffic police, who, in the case of an offense, will distribute the NRSC’s “Think Before You Drive” booklet and sticker, thus educating offending drivers.

Although the law does not stipulate the necessity for Traffic Police to wear a seatbelt, it has been agreed that officers will use a seatbelt in order to set an example for other drivers and passengers.
In the meeting’s conclusion, it was agreed that in the next discussion participants are to discuss the follow up of the current campaign, moving onto future projects such as child safety, and the prospect of introducing child restrains to Armenian drivers – never before attempted.